1. Sign up for Github using your Popcore email https://github.com/. Check mailbox for verification.
2. Contact Simon Schmidt and request an invitation to Popcore project on Github.
3. Sign up and create an Atlassian account using your Popcore email https://id.atlassian.com/signup.
4. Download and install Sourcetree https://www.sourcetreeapp.com/.
5. Choose Bitbucket Cloud during the installation and sign in with your Atlassian account.

Bitbucket Cloud

6. Choose one of repositories from the dashboard and copy the projects url.

Copy Url

7. Click on the “New” button to clone the project and place it in your unity projects folder using the Sourcetree.

Copy Url

8. Pull the latest commits to have the latest version of the project.

Pull the update

10. Open project in Unity.